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ADHD is BS is a cooperative effort between ADHD Researcher Martin Whitely, talented young film maker Ben Kosterich and others.

Let us be perfectly clear – Martin Whitely and ADHDisBS.com acknowledge that some children given labels like ADHD have problems and need help. HOWEVER we contend ADHD is a dumbed down label that excuses adults from looking for the real cause of these problems and that ADHD drugs temporarily change behaviour but the independent long term evidence that currently exists indicates that on balance they are likely to do more harm than good.

Please note – the video mockumentary ADHDisBS  is SATIRE and does not offer any advice on how to diagnosis or treatment any medical condition. Anyone with concerns about their mental or general health should consult their healthcare practitioner.

With your support we will make a series of short ‘mockumentries’ in the vein of ADHD is BS, using humour to highlight the absurd arguments the ADHD Industry use to justify the worldwide drugging of millions of children for ADHD and a number of other ‘childhood psychiatric disorders’.  We will also publish regular blogs on the science (or lack of it) supporting these disorders. Everything we write and say will be fact checked quoting original sources wherever possible.


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